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Oscar Edmund Garland became famous as the hero of Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" books.
Loved by many, there is still not a lot known about the boy known as "Cap" Garland, and that is not because the information about him is not available.
If you ask the right people, you can find out a lot about Cap, but for some reason, no one has ever published anything completely devoted to him, before now.
Many people who have grown up reading about Cap and consider themselves true Cap Garland fans still don't know about his life after the age of 16, nor do they know about his horrific death, or of his tragic childhood.
Well, I hope to change that with my webpage:
Cap Garland - A Hero, Never to be Forgotten

 Cap's Life From Age 0-14
 Cap's Life From Age 15-19
 Cap's Adult Life From Age 20+
 Interview with Cap's Great-Neice

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